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Left Hand Legacy Vol. 2

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Left Hand Legacy Vol. 1 showcases the diverse vocabulary of Wittgenstein’s circle of composer friends Franz Schmidt, Josef Labor, Hans Gál and Ernest Walker. Volume 2 plumbs the emotional depths, with Franz Schmidt‘s brooding Quintet in B flat major and the sublime combination of clarinet, viola and piano left hand in Josef Labor’s Trio. It contains the very last recordings of pianist Folke Nauta, just before he died last summer.

Left Hand Legacy Vol. 1

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This double-album is part of the Wittgenstein Project

With CD-premières by Ernest Walker and Josef Labor, the exciting piano quartet by Hans Gál and the deeply felt quintet in A by Franz Schmidt. Folke Nauta, piano left hand, Lars Wouters van den Oudenweijer, clarinet and Prisma String Trio.

La Muse

Due to release in May 2021

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Florent Schmitt (1870-1958) String Trio op. 105 (1944)

Darius Milhaud (1892-1974) Suite ‘La muse ménagère’ (The Household Muse) (1944) Arrangements of the original piano suite made by: Bob Gilmore, Tim Kliphuis, Petra Griffioen and Marijn van Prooijen

La Muse has very personal history to tell. It is based on our program La Muse with two completely different works. One is turbulent and magnificent, the other intimate and poetic.

La Muse was released by Cobra Records. A variety of Super Audio formats is available via their site. It was voted Album of the Year 2021 by NativeDSD, worldwide platform for high-quality releases.


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VOYAGE has been rated 10 out of 10 in music magazine Luister; 'Prisma trio convinces with a full sound and swinging rhythms (…) Their own adaptation of Ravel's Ronsard à son âme is particularly successful, with Kliphuis' Space Opera the trio goes 'where no man has gone before' (…) Lots of praise for it's enterprising initiative to self-publish this CD. '

Voyage can be listened to as a Prisma concert program. The starting point is the magnificent trio of Jean Cras. This French naval commander unjustly remained unknown as a composer. He wrote the trio in 1926 aboard his naval frigate Lamotte-piquet. A work full of adventure, the scent of the sea and distant lands, and nostalgia for the music of Brittany.

Jean Cras Trio pour violon, alto et violoncelle (1926)

Maurice Ravel Ronsard à son âme (1924)

Morris Kliphuis Space Opera (2012)

Renaissance music for 3 voices (Johannes Ockeghem, Orlando di Lasso, Jacob Obrecht)

Dick van der Harst 't Is stille! (2006)

Maurice Horsthuis Voyage dans le palais (2013)

Albert van Veenendaal Early Reflections (2010)

Special feature: 28 page CD book with pen drawings and watercolors by Sipke Huismans and 4 specially written ZKVs (Very Short Stories) by A.L.Snijders

The release in 2013 received extensive attention on TV and Radio: Watch the broadcast of VPRO Vrije Geluiden here

In De Tiende van Tijl, Prisma played a fragment from Jean Cras’ ​​trio.


As part of our audio visual project Textures, a photo book has been published with photos of Merijn Bisschops in a beautiful large format. A CD with the music of Textures, recorded in Helmond by Prisma String Trio, is part of this superb release.The photo book including CD can be ordered via the site of Merijn Bisschops. The CD is also available separately at our concerts.

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