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Until 30 april you can still donate on Voordekunst. We want to spend the additional proceeds on an international live tour  with La Muse. With this we can reach even more Florent Schmitt-lovers worldwide. Thank you very much.


Crowdfunding success! Our cd has been funded in 11 days, the dream coming through. 



na de opnames van Schmitt

We reached 95%. Incredible. Still 21 days to go, and we are secretly discussing what else we can do. There are plenty of plans that we would still like to realize. We will keep you posted.


Today a worldwide crowdfunding action started at platform Voor de KunstHelp us releasing our new album La Muse!

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La Muse is approaching with giant steps! Our new album features music by Florent Schmitt and Darius Milhaud. The recordings turned out wonderfully, we are delighted with it. Next step: manufacturing. We still need a hefty amount for that. A worldwide crowdfunding campaign will soon start on the Voor de Kunst platform. Keep an eye on the news.

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We will give a sample of our program Les Enfants du Paradis in this presentation  „If the sight shall make dwelling…” by visual artist Ton Kruse in Deventer. Online on 29th October. Afterwards in an audio-tour at the presentation until 12 December.


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All 15 Milhaud arrangements are ready! As a result of a lifelong poor health Darius Milhaud was confined to a wheelchair. He was lovingly taken care of by his wife Madeleine. Out of gratitude he composed for her a suite of 15 miniatures; ‘La muse ménagère’ (The Household Muse). Our own loved ones re-arranged this suite especially for string trio.

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