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Watch a compilation of the La Muse CD release concert from Splendor Amsterdam

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Press reviews:

Groundbreaking (Maarten-Jan DongelmansDe Gelderlander, 5 stars) “A new highlight from the steadily growing catalog of Cobra Records. Apart from the level of the performance, the programming is certainly a bull's eye. The Prisma String Trio is breaking new ground here. In several ways. Expression is a word that the Prisma String Trio writes with capital letters." 

Sublimebest possible interpretation (Aart van der Wal, OpusKlassiek) “The album is presented to us in the best possible interpretation by the Dutch Prisma String Trio, founded in 2002. An excellent ensemble that does not shy away from progressively composed programs on the concert stage. The ensemble was technically in the caring hands of Tom Peeters, who (...) shows how a string trio really should sound.” 

Gripping, agitated, sharp and highly expressive (Norbert Tischer, Pizzicato Luxemburg) „Die Prisma-Musiker spielen so, dass die Musik den Hörer packt. Auch den langsamen Satz loten sie ausdrucksvoll mit dunkeln Farben aus, während das Rondo einen geradezu burlesken Charakter bekommt...La Muse Ménagère bleibt in der Streichtriofassung so rein und poetisch, dass sie den Zuhörer nicht weniger berühren als im Original. /// the Prisma musicians play in such a way that the music really grabs the listener. They also display the slow movement expressively with dark colors, while the Rondo takes on an almost burlesque character...La Muse ménagère remains so pure and poetic in the string trio version that they touch the listener no less than in the original

09/06/’21 A compilation of the CD release concert in Splendor is now on our YouTube channel. 18/05/’21Interview with Aad van Nieuwkerk op Radio4 in Vrije Geluiden. (Dutch spoken)

Releasesheet, May 2021



Florent Schmitt (1870-1958) Trio à cordes Op. 105 (1944)

Darius Milhaud (1892-1974)
 La Muse ménagère | The Household Muse (1944) dédicace à |dedicated to M.M.M.M.
 Piano suite arranged for Prisma String Trio by Bob Gilmore, Petra Griffioen, Tim Kliphuis, Marijn van Prooijen

The new album of Prisma String Trio tells a very personal history. It starts with our choice for this music, two completely different works from 1944. One is turbulent and magnificent, the other intimate and poetic. The two composers could not be more different, and might be said to clash. And yet, we feel their works are a beautiful match and complement each other well. Was it inspiration, call it the Muse, that brought the two together? Florent Schmitt’s muse seems to be Music itself, leading him on in an explosion of compositional creativity. Darius Milhaud names his wife Madeleine as his muse and pours his gratitude into a musical tribute.

Overwhelming, there is no other word for the Trio à cordes by Florent Schmitt. A string trio with such unique lyricism and such rich harmonies is not often heard, it is overflowing with expression and romance. Beyond impressionism. There is no modern recording of it; only 2 LPs were made in 1947 and 1985. The Prisma String Trio dares to take on the challenge of honoring this notoriously tricky work with a modern recording.

The Milhauds are an artistic family. We know Darius as the figurehead of the famed Groupe des Six and Madeleine as a celebrated actress and librettist. Milhaud’s health is frail for most of his life and he ends up in a wheelchair. He is lovingly cared for throughout his life by his wife Madeleine. Out of gratitude he writes 15 piano miniatures for her; La Muse ménagère. The suite has been specially arranged for string trio by our loved ones, our own muses; Bob Gilmore, Petra Griffioen, Tim Kliphuis and Marijn van Prooijen.

Since its inception in 2002, Prisma String Trio has been lauded for its cutting edge performances. Firmly rooted in the classical string tradition, the Trio presents music from all over the world, from all ages and in many styles, bringing the historic and the contemporary together in an organic way. Prisma have performed in The Royal Concertgebouw, De Doelen, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ and Rijksmuseum halls, at international festivals such as Wonderfeel, Grachtenfestival and November Music and on radio and TV.

La Muse could be made thanks to the generous support of SENA Muziekproductiefonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and 156 donors at Voordekunst.nl. La Muse has been released in May 2021 by Cobra Records.

Info for press: Press folder (dropbox)


The new CD La Muse is there! Many thanks to SENA Performers Fonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds Noord Holland and our 156 donors on crowdfunding platform Voordekunst.



Prisma visit Claude Heurtaux, the French translator of the cd liner notes. Claude’s mother was a personal friend of the Pasquier brothers, that premièred and recorded the trio of Florent Schmitt in 1946. Here come the two trios together after 75 years!



Trio Pasquier, by photographer Gerard Middendorp, Claude’s grandfather

Florent Schmitt connoisseur Phillip Nones just published on his Website + Blog an interview with Prisma String Trio about preparing, performing and recording the Trio à cordes. Anything you ever wanted to know about Florent Schmitt you can find on Phillip’s website.

100% and than...

Until 30 april you can still donate on Voordekunst. We want to spend the additional proceeds on an international live tour  with La Muse. With this we can reach even more Florent Schmitt-lovers worldwide. Thank you very much.


Crowdfunding success! Our cd has been funded in 11 days, the dream coming through. 


We reached 95%. Incredible. Still 21 days to go, and we are secretly discussing what else we can do. There are plenty of plans that we would still like to realize. We will keep you posted.


na de opnames van Schmitt


Today a worldwide crowdfunding action started at platform Voor de KunstHelp us releasing our new album La Muse!

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La Muse is approaching with giant steps! Our new album features music by Florent Schmitt and Darius Milhaud. The recordings turned out wonderfully, we are delighted with it. Next step: manufacturing. We still need a hefty amount for that. A worldwide crowdfunding campaign will soon start on the Voor de Kunst platform. Keep an eye on the news.

Read more about La Muse here


We will give a sample of our program Les Enfants du Paradis in this presentation  „If the sight shall make dwelling…” by visual artist Ton Kruse in Deventer. Online on 29th October. Afterwards in an audio-tour at the presentation until 12 December.


IMG 1570 2

All 15 Milhaud arrangements are ready! As a result of a lifelong poor health Darius Milhaud was confined to a wheelchair. He was lovingly taken care of by his wife Madeleine. Out of gratitude he composed for her a suite of 15 miniatures; ‘La muse ménagère’ (The Household Muse). Our own loved ones re-arranged this suite especially for string trio.

June 2020: Live concerts

As soon as possible we have started to play for live audiences again, gaining momentum for the recording sessions of the String Trio by Florent Schmitt; it is by far the most extraordinary piece that ever appeared on our music stands. It surely is sky-storming music that cries out for it’s first release on cd, 76 years after it’s publication.

Crisis…cancelled concerts…but we are not going to throw in the towel! With doubled energy we wil take on the production of our next cd with the music of Florent Schmitt. We will keep you posted, and wish you and your loved ones above all a good health.


Presentation stage at Chamber Music Day

It’s started! Big response following the première of our Wittgenstein Project in Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht

Trailer Wittgenstein Project

Taste of the first program in the Wittgenstein Project with Folke Nauta, piano and Lars Wouters van den Oudenweijer, clarinet

Textures registration VPRO

Registration of our first performance in festival Novembermusic: Watch the show

Tour de France success


We played in castles and medieval farmhouses surrounded by 17th century antiques; a great tour. 

Photo book Textures


Just been published, and it’s very stylish! Order this photo book plus CD at  Merijn Bisschops. The cd can be obtained seperately at our concerts.

New proof of our existence

Gleeming board and trio after signing the deed of incorporation of Foundation Prisma Trio  

Afterwards off to Helmond:

Recording sessions: Textures recorded for a luxurious edition with Merijn Bisschop’s Iceland photo’s. To be published in July 2018

Textures in NovemberMusic

Review of the November Music Festival: 

'Textures', as performedat the Art-Music-Route, was one of the highlights of festival November Music. (Brabants Dagblad 12/11/2017)

Textures Tour starts


After two years of preparations it’s finally going to take place. We begin at 11-11 with an exclusive pre-première at De IJsselsalon Zutphen. The day after we will perform for the first time in Festival NovemberMusic. 

10 out of 10 in Luister!


In music magazine Luister our CD VOYAGE has been awarded a 10: 'Prisma trio convinces with a full sound and swinging rythms (…) The own adaptation of Ravel's Ronsard à son âme works wonderfully well, with Kliphuis' Space Opera the trio goes 'where no man has gone before' (…) we admire the brave initiative to self-release this cd.'

More information about the CD

Watch TV-show VPRO Vrije Geluiden about Voyage. 

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